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 Gearotic is a CAD/CAM 3D software package aimed to assist with your geared mechanical creations. It was primarily designed as a gear template generator, but developed into a utility package we hope you'll find useful.   Gearotic will generate gears individually or combine them to create a moving gear train. Software allows you to simulate, animate,  create toolpaths for cnc mode or iexport as 3D models. Inside, you'll find a variety of gear types such as spur, cage, non circular, planetary gears, sprocket, timing pulley, bevel, root blower, geneva, racks, escapements and more. Our spur gears may be done in a helical or bevel form which can then be outputed in Straight, Helix or Zerol formats. These outputs include STL files for 3D printing, 2D DXF format for most Cad programs, 1:1 scale printouts for woodworking patterns or G-Code for CNC users. 
Circular Gears
Non Circular Gears
Cage Gears
Functional Gears

Specialty Gears

Gearotic can provide statistical data about the gears and it also comes with a gear train calculator. Everything about Gearotic can be utilized as an easy to use, drag and drop designer front end that will simplify many processes to create your masterpiece. We do hope you enjoy using it and welcome your input on our support forum. 
 Our licensing model is simple:  once licensed, always licensed.  Upgrades are free and development is usually based on user suggestions. We feel Gearotic is more of an interest group and therefore we welcome you to join us on GearHead forum.  We ask that any support questions be done on Gear Head Forum,  however should you have any access issues, please contact us at  support@gearotic.com or via link below. You need not be licensed to use Gearotic to join our forum, we welcome everyone to the discussions.

Have fun..
Art Fenerty
Bob Landry
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Miscellaneous Utilities

Image Process
STL Slicing
Stereo Photometric

Output Options

3 Axis
4th Axis

Augmented Motion Controller

Clocks Mechanism or Escapements

Lever / Chronometer
How to convert from Mach3 to Auggie
Clock Projects


Licensing Agreement

Patch Releases

Patch release document
 Please note that once software is installed, it is in DEMO mode, until you install a license, which then reverts to a fully licensed version, so no special software is required. Also any upgrades you do once Gearotic is installed, will keep the license installed.
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    Current Development Version 3.xxx is our most current Release available.
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    The Paypal Link on this page will direct you to Purchase one personal Gearotic License. Once payment is made, license key will be emailed back to you within 24 hours or less. License for Gearotic Motion permits installation of the program on all computers you own as a hobbyist, however for commercial or academic use, we do ask you contact us prior for our complete licensing agreement.
  3. Download Gearotic Release Version 3.00
    This release version will download our latest stable version of Gearotic, it may not necessarily include newer features and expansions Gearotic Development offers, however it was proven stable for a period of time.
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About Us

Gearotic was begun in 2010, by Art Fenerty and Bob Landry.  The program is an evolving work by Art Fenerty, the original author of the Mach3 controller program. Its content grows with whatever Art writes as he continues to explore various utilities in the world of Motion Control for hobbiests.  Our passion towards CNC machines as a  hobby and our own needs for machine utilities continues to drive us forward.. Our current project focuses on a motion controller to add to Gearotics capabilities. 

Some of our projects.

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