Vexx, for the designer in all of us



Vexx is Gearotic's new drawing platform. It has become our CAD drawing program and our link to everything inside Gearotic.

Circular Gears
Non Circular Gears
Cage Gears

Functional Gears


Vector Cad, or (Vexx) for short, released in fall of 2017, is now Gearotic CAD new drawing platform. It allows users to draw their own vector drawings using lines, beziers or arcs, or can be used to import dxf vector drawings. This new module is Gearotic's base for future growth and has replaced Vector Wizard entirely. Vexx offer ways of modifying gears in Gearotics project screen for STL updating or toolpathing. Our attempt is to make an easy to draw platform for any graphic needs you may have, and simply to be another tool in your toolbox for editing or vector operations.  

  Vexx, selectable from the CAD tools button inside Gearotic, will eventually replace Vector Wizard with an aim to upgrade its usefullness and user interface. Vexx various tools include  beziers, snap to Intersections, or offsets to any Arc/Line /Beziers , spirals, golden ratios and  the famous florishes. Vexx has no Polylines class, however it is capable of internally dealing with polylines. 

        Users can convert beziers drawings into line segments, to overcome some of the common issues found with beziers curves generated between various CAD programs. Vexx also has the ability to manipulate existing vectors such as polyline tolerances for any import, it can convert polylines to arcs or lines should it be nessecary. These additional steps were added in Vexx to hopefully eliminate many of the problems when importing vectored drawings from various CAD programs such as reports that Fusion was more friendly with curves than segmented outputs.

Specialty Gears


Clocks Mechanism or Escapements

Lever / Chronometer
Clock Projects
Vector Processor and Kinetics
Laser Setup

Click here to view Vexx tutorial video 1 on YouTube.
Click here to view Vexx tutorial video 1 on YouTube.
Click here to view Vexx tutorial video 1 on YouTube.
Click here to view Vexx tutorial video 2 on YouTube.