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Non Circular Gears


 Gearotic is a CAD/CAM 3D software package aimed to assist with any geared mechanical creations and much more. It was primarily designed as a gear template generator, but software has developed into a great utility package we hope you'll find interesting and handy. Gearotic can not only generate most gears type individually, but it can also combine them to create a moving gear train. Along with many other modules found inside, Gearotic allows user to simulate a creation, or animate one, or can create toolpaths for cnc modes, or even export these as Dxf or 3D models. Inside, you'll find a variety of tools to create gears such as the spur, cage, non circular, planetary, sprocket, timing pulley, bevel, root blowers, geneva, racks, escapements and much more.

   Any tab you select from this web site is relevent to that specialty, any videos or tutorial are linked at the bottom of the page for farther claification.  Gearotic alows Spur gears be generated in an helical or bevel form, to which can be outputed as Straight, or Helix or Zerol formats. These outputs include STL files for 3D printing,  2D DXF format for most Cad programs, 1:1 scale paper printouts for non cnc woodworking patterns, and finally G-Code for all CNC use. Gearotic offers various modules inside so users may explore new posibilities with their creation. Things like boxing (case) or indicators, spokes, slicing from an STL object, flourishes and Harris vines that are so easy to generate, along with the introduction of our kinectic platform to see and calculate mechanical movement behaviour. The introduction of Vexx in late 2017, was also carefully managed and is now becoming Gearotic's new draw tool platform, aimed at reverting everything Gearotic makes all onto one easy to manage draw platform..  
Cage Gears
Functional Gears

Specialty Gears


Clocks Mechanism or Escapements

Lever / Chronometer
Clock Projects
Vector Processor and Kinetics
Laser Setup
  Gearotic CAD software can provide statistical data about gears it makes, also comes with a gear train calculator should it be required. Everything about Gearotic can be utilized as an easy to use, drag and drop designer front end that simplifies difficult processes into your own masterpiece we hope you have fun playing with. 

 Auggie, the CAM part of Gearotic, is now a stand alone program and must be downloaded seperately from this site. Auggie is programable and a very versatile CAM controller, along with Vexx, our Vector Draw platform which loads from inside Gearotic CAD are becoming very popular with laser engraving and cnc powder printing . We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer as Gearotic CAD, and welcome your ideas on our GearHead support forum. 
 Our licensing model is quite simple, once licensed, always licensed. We feel that the one time fee for a lifetime of Gearotic CAD is beyond reasonable to anyone, and for what you get, it truely becomes a great bargain. Without a license however, users will have full functionality of the software, but saving or exporting any data isn't possible. Upgrades are always free, and development is usually stimulated from user suggestions or what we need as we develop new ideas. Gearotic CAD is more of an interest group than anything else, therefore join us on GearHead forum and express your thoughts so we can all learn.

 We ask that any support questions be done on Gear Head Forum so everyone can benefit form the answers,  however should you have any access issues, please contact us directly at  [email protected] You need not to be licensed to use Gearotic or to join our forum as we welcome everyone to the discussions. Project samples may be downloaded from this site so users can build their own, these are found here, inside the projects gallery by clicking "more"

Have fun..
Art Fenerty
Bob Landry
 Please note that once software is downloaded and installed, it becomes our DEMO version, however when a license gets installed, the software automatically reverts to a fully licensed version without any special software required. Licenses are liftime activated and will stay installed during any future upgrades. Select License Purchase button to purchase your own license via PayPal.
Gearotic also offers three downloads to select from, ome is called Gearotic CAD, which is the tested and stable version of Gearotic, another is called Gearotic CAD Developer, which includes all new tools we are curently working on, and last Auggie CAM, our motion controller software package.  Simply Download your selection from l;inks below, and install.   
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About Us

Gearotic was begun in 2010, by Art Fenerty and Bob Landry.  The program is an evolving work by Art Fenerty, the original author of the Mach3 controller program. Its content grows with what we need or want as we continues to explore various utilities in the maching world .  Our passion towards CNC is huge. and our own needs for machine utilities continues to drive us forward.. We hope you enjoy.  ​​
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